Woman with the last name ‘Claus’ UN agency terrorized Woking

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Natasha Claus, 36, was sentenced to thirteen months in jail for a string of offenses, together with punching a blind person

A woman UN agency was caught riding naked on a bike, playing a carnal knowledge on the main street shopper, and punching a blind person in the chest and has been imprisoned. 

Natasha Claus, 36, acquired court four hours late and appeared before choosing Peter Ross, UN agency imprisoned her straight off and obligatory a criminal behavior order which suggests she has been barred from the whole city of Woking, Surrey.

She admitted charges together with outraging public decency that followed being caught by the main street shopper within the middle of a sexual act with a person that choose Ross same was ‘no doubt for money.

The choice additionally created regard to an additional indecent incident, saying: ‘I had the impression there was some regard to her riding around on a motorcycle with no garments on, however that has nothing to try and do with the fees these days.’

He sent repeat wrongdoer Claus to jail for thirteen months for a string of offenses together with breaching a previous suspended jail term.

Dressed in a black and white stripy jumper and along with her blonde hair tied back, Claus appeared at Guildford Crown Court to be sentenced last week.

Prosecutor John Upton said: ‘The police believe that Ms. Claus incorporates a habit of befriending vulnerable men and taking advantage of them.

‘Nigel Coates was one among these. The council is later vulnerable to evict him from his one-bedroomed flat attributable to her anti-social behavior.

‘They had arguments that escalated over varied phone calls. She then approached him within the room with either a clenched fist or the palm of her hand. He couldn’t tell as he’s registered blind.

‘She started shouting at him and vulnerable to line her brothers and mother on him.’ 

The court additionally detected however she additionally mistreated 2 law enforcement officials as they tried to arrest her.

Mr. Upton said: ‘PC Hopper took hold of her left arm and computer Haslan her right. She pushed her arms away and resisted.

‘She kicked computer Hopper within the leg, and loud “you P*** c**t” a minimum of doubly,’ same the prosecuting attorney.

Judge bryophyte additionally detected however a girl UN agency was walking along with her kids and noticed Claus partaking in sexual behavior in the middle of the road.

Mr. Upton said: ‘On the Gregorian calendar month twenty-nine she was rumored in Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey, to be [engaging in very carnal knowledge with] a person.

‘A girl was there along with her kids and she or he remonstrated with Ms. Claus UN agency then stood up and vulnerable to punch her.

‘When Ms. Claus was searched at the scene by the police she had done her jeans up however her knickers were found in her purse.’

Claus’ defense lawyer, Timothy Leete, same she had become keen about eupneic methane series gas and was troubled to come back to terms with her mother’s suicide.

Sentencing her, choose bryophyte told Claus: ‘Your life may be a mess’.

He added: ‘You were in a very relationship with a blind person, it’s a concern that you simply were abusing your position.

‘Any assault on a vulnerable person is incredibly serious so, as is an attack on the law enforcement officials UN agency we have an ethical obligation to guard.

‘The outraging public decency charge is as a result of you receiving a carnal knowledge publically – little doubt for cash.

‘You were seen by a woman UN agency had her kids along with her and once she was incensed, you abused her.

‘In addition, you were purported to be here for sentencing this morning and you were late by many hours. you’re a multitude. Your life may be a mess.

‘I spoke to your son earlier and it’s a testament to one thing in your son’s life that he’s ne’er been to court and finds this whole scenario awful.

‘ The sentence I impose on you is as follows: assault on the blind individual, 3 months in jail; assault by kicking the computer, 2 months; the racially aggravated abusive behavior on the opposite officer, 2 months; for outraging public decency, one month and an additional month for abusing the woman within the street.

‘I am additionally activating an amount of 4 months in relevancy beaching your suspended jail sentence, further together day for breaching bail.’

The penalization implies that Claus has been illegal from getting into elements of Woking because of her aggressive and anti-social behavior in and around the city center.

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